How Web 3 will make our lives easier

Guest: Harvard Business Review Author, Mat Sweezey

Episode # 12


We’ve all come up with great new customer experience ideas only to discover that the data is not available or that from a tech perspective it’s very expensive or too hard to build. These issues come back to the way the current internet was built. 

Think about this….every organisation is being held back by the complexity of digital channels, tech integrations and data management, it’s a logistical nightmare which means most organisations aren’t able to deliver the customer experiences they desire. On the flipside it means that customers aren’t getting the experiences they are expecting. It’s a lose, lose scenario. 

However….imagine a world where this tech and data pain was removed….it just so happens this world is not as far away as we think. In my recent interview with Mat Sweezey, Harvard Business Review Author and Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Token Labs, we explored what the future of customer experience will look like and how close we actually are.

We explore:·     
• How our lives as customers will become far easier with Web 3
• Removing the data and tech management pain for organisations     
• Some great examples around the future of travel, car ownership and sports



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