The Power of Creativity

Guest: CEO of AFR’s Most Innovative Company 2023 - Lee Simpson

Episode # 20


Creative thinking has always had the power to change the world. But in recent times the business world has become intensely focussed on technology and automation. So, I wanted to get some perspective on how the role of creativity has evolved and how creative thinking can be leveraged for the future. 

My guest in this episode Lee Simpson, has won some of the most prestigious creative awards in the world including the rare D&AD Black Pencil and 2 Grand Prix at Cannes Lions. He’s worked with companies like Volvo, Westfield and CommBank. And most recently as CEO of WhiteGrey, led them to win AFR’s Most Innovative Company in 2023. 

We explore:·     
•  How the role of creativity has evolved
•  What great creativity looks like today
•  How to build a creative culture
•  Using creativity to solve real world problems
•  Creativity in the AI age



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