Smarter ways to drive customer growth

Guest: Gareth Begent, ex Adobe, Foxtel & Optus

Episode # 16


Over the past 30 years driving growth has become far more complex. There is now a myriad of digital channels across a mix of paid, owned and earned media assets you can leverage to engage customers. However, many organisations are still taking an old school approach, over focussing on acquisition and under focussing on retention, when there are much smarter ways to drive customer growth. 

To get insight into this topic I had Gareth Begent join me on the Customer Smarts podcast who has a wealth of experience working for companies like Adobe, Foxtel and Optus in senior marketing roles. Where he helped them find smarter ways to generate customer growth.

We explore:·     
• The complexity of driving customer growth
• The answer to organisational silos    
• The mid funnel opportunity
• Imbalance between acquisition vs retention
• Focussing on the right customer data analytics
• How to adjust for the tight economy we’re in right now



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