How To Predict Customer Needs

Guest: Pete Avery ex Verizon, O2, Suncorp

Episode # 17


Customer decisioning is a field that focuses on using each piece of customer interaction history to help the organisation deliver the next best and most relevant action for that customer. It’s smart, because improving relevancy drives growth and does it in a sustainable way without a massive paid media budget. Telcos and big banks have been trying to implement decisioning programs for years, some with success, some not. The ones who have been able to implement it successfully have been able to drive an additional 100-200 million in revenue a year. Sounds great right? 

The challenge is…most organisations are still relatively product or business unit centric and operating in silos competing against each other with politics at play. So, it takes a lot of experience, patience and perseverance to implement a customer decisioning program successfully as it interfaces with many of the core departments. 

My guest in this episode Pete Avery has implemented some of the largest customer decisioning programs in the world. His passion for the space has driven him all over the world implementing massive programs for enormous organisations like Verizon in the US, O2 and Orange in the UK and Vodafone in Spain as well as many large companies in Australia like Suncorp and Westpac. 

We explored:
•  Customer decisioning and the massive business impact it can have.
•  How to implement it
•  Overcoming internal barriers
•  How to get executive support
•  How AI will make decisioning a whole lot easier.



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