How to Unlock Larger Investment into Customer Experience

Guest: Yvette Mihelic, Director of CX, John Holland

Episode # 15


Most organisations have a desire, strategy or program to become more customer centric. However, many CX leaders are still struggling to shake old product centric ways of working inside organisations and are often finding it challenging to unlock enough investment to improve their customer experience to the standard they desire. 

If your executive team haven’t fully embraced your customer centric strategy, it makes it extremely difficult to get traction, especially if it’s still viewed as an expense. 

My guest in this episode Yvette Mihelic has a truckload of experience navigating complex stakeholder structures and getting buy-in to drive customer centric transformation for organisations like Transport for NSW and Telstra. She now is Director of CX for John Holland, where she oversees customer experience across many of the nation’s public transport systems, including Sydney Trains, Melbourne Trains and a bunch more, it’s an enormous job.

In this episode we explored:
•  What might be holding back your customer centric strategy?
•  How to unlock larger investment into CX?
•  The most important CX Metrics to focus
•  Some innovative new CX concepts they are launching



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