Has your transformation been superficial?

Guest: Simon Belousoff ex Bupa, IAG & Transport NSW

Episode # 19


Implementing new ways of working in organisations is incredibly challenging. So often this means transformation programs don’t go as deep as they should. To add to that, the distance between the waves of new technology is getting shorter and shorter. When you go back to when the internet was launched, then social media, mobile and now AI, each have required organisations to rethink how they do business. 

The problem I’ve seen is that many organisations in their transformation journeys have added new technology and capability, but haven’t necessarily transformed how they operate at their core, leading to somewhat superficial transformations. The few who have changed how they are structured and how they operate and are set-up to adapt quickly are the ones leading the pack in today’s market. 

To get some insight into this challenge I had Simon Belousoff join me on the Customer Smarts Podcast. Simon has spent the last 20years in senior roles helping organisations like Bupa, IAG and Transport NSW with their transformation journeys.  

We explored:
•  Why some transformations, end up being superficial
•  How to deliver a successful transformation
•  13 leadership sins of enterprise transformation
•  Examples of the best transformations globally



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