AI that’s blowing the minds of CX Leaders

Guests: Bruce Temkin, Brad Anderson, Steven Issa, Ashley Taylor, Melanie Disse, Steve Bennetts

Episode # 21


“The speed at which Gen AI is changing the customer experience space is mind blowing.” This was the consistent sentiment from my guests on the latest episode of the Customer Smarts Podcast recorded at the Qualtrics X4 Summit in Sydney.  

I had the privilege of interviewing some industry legends including: 

Bruce Temkin also known as the godfather of customer experience, because he pioneered the whole industry. Bruce shared many pearls of wisdom about driving customer centric change and how to approach KPIs. Brad Anderson President at Qualtrics who not only shared some amazing perspective on the new Gen AI features but also some great advice on driving customer centric change. He has a great perspective on the challenge as he advises many CX leaders around the world.

Also featuring Steven Issa Former Chief Digital Officer at Australian Digital Health Agency, Ashley Taylor from Flight Centre, Melanie Disse from Ecosystem and Steve Bennetts, Head of EX at Qualtrics

This episode is a compilation from the 6 conversations. Jam packed with a broad range of insights about: 
•  How new AI features are changing the CX game
•  How to drive customer centric change
•  How to approach KPIs in the CX space
•  EX is critical in driving CX
•  Closing the insights to impact gap



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