AI + Behavioural Science to Prevent Customer Loss

Guest: Libby Dale - Marketing AI Expert

Episode # 14


In most companies between 10-30% of customers are at risk of leaving… That’s a lot of customer revenue on the table… 

Yet, most organisations aren’t paying enough attention to this. Some companies are leaking or even haemorrhaging customers and then spending 5 times as much to acquire new ones, it doesn’t make sense, it’s massively inefficient.  

It’s always been a challenge for organisations with large customer bases to identify customers who are unhappy at an individual level. But now…. AI is now making this possible. 

To find out how, I was lucky enough to have Libby Dale on the Customer Smarts podcast, who’s career passion has been to help organisations fix that very problem. And now, she’s using AI to do it at scale with her company Smart Measures. They are using AI to detect customers at risk, then using behavioural science to nurture those customers back to a happier place, it’s really fascinating and one of the the simplest, most practical use of AI in marketing that I’ve seen so far. 

We explored:
•  The imbalance towards acquisition vs retention
•  Companies doing a poor job of tracking customers who are at risk
•  How marketing to customers at risk is insane
•  Using AI + behavioural science to keep customers



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