Getting new Samsung customers off to a great start


At the time 77% of new Samsung phone customers felt dissatisfied with their purchase and weren’t capitilising on all the features available on the phone. Interestingly, Apple customers who switch and buy Samsung phones were a big part of the issue with 44% of them switching back to an Apple phone after trying Samsung.

Switching from the Apple iOS to Android OS (used on Samsung) can be a bit of a shock to the system. Apple is known for being very intuitive and easy to use whereas Android typically appeals to tech minded people who like to be able to customise lots of features on their phone.  

It was critical to find a way to help nurture Apple users through this process to stop them switching back to Apple phones. The task was to create a customer experience framework from onboarding all the way through to upgrading to a new phone. 


Customer Journey Mapping
We mapped the customer experience journey of phone buyers from product pick-up and unboxing, through the set-up and initial use, early usage, exploring and mastering the phone and all the way through to considering upgrade and repurchase. This was critical in helping identify the key strategic areas of focus and build the customer experience framework.

Customer Experience Framework
The overall framework was designed to overcome all of the key issue points in the experience to drive a better repurchase rate. The 7 steps were:

  1. Support the setup
  2. Embed the basics
  3. Check on progress
  4. Inspire phone mastery (adopting new features)
  5. Encourage reviews
  6. Tempt into cross purchase
  7. Enhance regular use
  8. Upgrade

Apple iOS to Android Translation Piece
For previous Apple customers who were new to Samsung and Android we included a additional key content piece that translates the key features from the Apple iOS into how to do it on your new Samsung phone. It also catered to users of much older Android systems to help them understand the new locations of features.    


The framework was rolled out for every phone Samsung model moving forward.

Note: Founder of Customer Smarts Justin Stafford completed the strategic part of this work as a supplier to CHEP agency.