A smarter way to unlock more home buying customers


A leading financial services client we worked with had 1.2 million members which equated to approximately 50% market share in their region. Their growth was limited by geography so they asked us to help them improve how they engage their members to drive more revenue.


Next Goal Program
If you can find out what your customers next goals are it’s far easier to help them, build stronger relationships and then nurture them to your products, which is why we created the “Next Goal Program” for this insurance client.  

One of the key aspects was getting the client to think beyond their organisational silos to think in customer goals eg buying first home, upgrading car etc. To trial the concept we focussed on the goals of home buyers, creating a guidance centre with a comprehensive home buying guide, property inspection checklist and the ability to chat and ask questions.

The only way to achieve this was by getting the home insurance team, home trade services (plumbers, electricians, building inspectors etc), security products, claims and finance team working together. This enabled us to create far more wholistic content and speak to members and non-members earlier in their journey.


In the first 6 months through downloads of the home buying guides, checklists and prospect capture we generated a prospect market of home buyers 54 times the value of the media investment.

13.5% of that prospect market value was converted into revenue which lead to an R.O.I of 740% from the initial media investment for the client.